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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Carless' LiveJournal:

Monday, February 4th, 2008
4:25 pm

i'm a new member here! hi, name's nicole. i'm 19 and i live with my family in southern ontario. home of terrible public transit.
i live in a small city (about 26 000) just outside of a larger city (220 000 i think) that has very little access to public transit. in order to get to a reliable bus stop, its a 45 minute to an hour walk, depending on traffic and weather. there is a closer bus stop (only about 20 minutes walking) but the bus there is only about once every hour to hour and a half, monday through friday, 8 am till 8 pm.
thats about it as far as my transportation issues go...
other than that, im vegetarian, i just returned to highschool, and im taking hairstyling there. i also knit like a crazy person.

Saturday, May 13th, 2006
12:23 am
People On The Bus-- An Intro
One of my favorite things about the bus, which in this area is the BAT, is that it allows me to come into contact with all sorts of people that a white middle class college girl, in a rural and close-knit community might not otherwise know. I share that space and time with other students, elderly, crazy hippy ladies, struggling mothers, alcoholics, homeless people, high school punks, rednecks, ex-cons, American Indians, young professionals, strippers, etc.

I am not an ivory tower kind of girl. I like that the bus removes the sterile isolation that is idolized in my culture. Alone and lonely, but for the gadgets which are the only consumable means of human interaction.

In this community, I will likely post a lot about the people I meet on the bus.

Yesterday, for instance, I talked to a buck-toothed 17 year old boy, who lives in a group home, on his way to visit his mother.

From him, I gained the following information:

Group home beds aren't comfortable, but it doesn't matter because he hardly sleeps there anyhow.
High schools in this area have programs where you can go in every other day, and work every other day.
He enjoys shop.
My job (I was on my way to work in a theater, that night) is enviable.

Today, on the bus, I bounded up the stairs, and as I showed the driver my card, he observes:

"You always smile too much. Stop it. It makes me feel bad for not smiling enough."

Can't help it. I love transport!
Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
1:52 am
Mission Statement
AKA this community needs a post...

Hi, I am Adrianne, the community founder, and I don't currently drive. At. All. My mother hates this about me, thinks it will hold me back, and keeps trying to get me to start again, but I am honestly just not interested, for a variety of reasons.

One of them is that owning a car, paying insurance, gas, and maintenance is damn expensive. I am a college student, I can't afford thar crap! I don't have time to work enough hours to do THAT and pass my classes.

I live in an area with an ALMOST workable bus system, and with my student pass, I can use it for free. Also, I only live about 2 miles from anywhere that I work or study, so, my lifestyle makes this an easy choice to make. It would be easier if it weren't so damn cold, in Maine, but I am sure we'll get some fun bitching about that.

And lastly, there is this larger sense of social responsibility. Cars pollute, and they make people fat and anti-social, we're running out of oil, etc. etc. etc. Pick a cause, any cause.

Now, I will ride in a car somewhere with friends. It makes sense, if someone is going to use a vehicle, to have several people all go to the same place. I contribute to gas money, because that's the polite thing to do.... It is important to be a considerate passenger and pedestrian. Just as important as having convictions and sticking to them. Being carfree is a lifestyle choice, not an excuse to be an elitist jerk (though, when approaching the problem of freeways clustered with single drivers in H2's.... it's pretty easy to become one...)

I should shut up and get back to my homework. Welcome to my community, everyone!
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